Nuremberg Diary by G. M. Gilbert

Book Title: Nuremberg Diary

Publisher: Da Capo Press

ISBN: 0306806614

Author: G. M. Gilbert

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G. M. Gilbert with Nuremberg Diary

  • The Nuremberg Interviews: An American Psychiatrist's Conversations with the Defendants and Witnesses
  • The Anatomy of the Nuremberg Trials: A Personal Memoir
  • Inside the Third Reich
  • Justice at Nuremberg
  • Nuremberg : Infamy on Trial
  • Death Dealer: The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz
  • Spandau: The Secret Diaries
  • The Nuremberg Interviews
  • The Nazi and the Psychiatrist: Hermann Göring, Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, and a Fatal Meeting of Minds at the End of WWII
  • Albert Speer: His Battle with Truth